Why support Zebra companies?

As an impact investor, venture capitalist, executive given a short-term IPO target, and government official, we have questioned the ways of companies, finance, and society. 

There are many entrepreneurs and managers who have excellent backgrounds and work on businesses with significant social value. However, there are challenges regarding cooperation and the limited offer of sustainable growth strategies based on the existing standards.

“Different scale, Different future: if there were a different standard, there could be different growth and a different future.”

To prove that, we are committed to supporting zebra companies.


Make a thoughtful, healthy and enjoyable society.


Integrating zebra management into society.

Creating cases of investment and management support for zebra companies.

Theorizing management of zebra companies.

Building diverse partnerships.

What we do

1: Creating a movement and community.

  • Spreading information through our media.
  • Expanding business through partnerships.

3: Advisory for zebra companies

  • Supporting overall management in zebras, including their visions, business strategy, finance, governance, and planning for social impact.
  • Developing marketing/branding plans that focus on solving social issues and involving stakeholders.
  • Supporting organizational development and operations management.

4: Visualizing and theorizing long-term and comprehensive management and governance.

  • Writing books in the fields of management, finance, marketing and GR.

5: Building a community of allies and increasing players to support long-term and comprehensive management.

  • Diversifying the above four points through collaboration with other companies.
  • Collaboration with players such as local governments and regional banks.

Company overview

Zebras and Company Inc.
March 12, 2021
Creating a movement and community to expand awareness of the concept of "Zebra" and implementing investments and management support for social implementation.
88.5 million yen
Yohei Azakami
Yoshitaka Tabuchi
Japan Social Innovation and Investment Foundation (SIIF)
Hinoki inc.
Mio and Company Inc.
Hidekuni Takagi(Representative of Takagi Building inc. / BIRTH)
Mirai Turbo Inc.



陶山 祐司すやま ゆうじ

Yuji Suyama
Co-founder, Zebras and Company Inc.
Co-lead, Tokyo Zebras Unite
Head of corporate planning, Wellnest Home Inc.
PhD student, System Design Management, Keio University

As a venture capitalist, Yuji conducts investment evaluations for various companies, develops business strategies for space exploration ventures and IoT startups, assists with fundraising, service development, sales, and other related activities. In addition, Yuji executes organizational and human resource development, management support for the creation of new businesses, even within large corporations, and provides policy recommendations leveraging his experience and connections with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

2010 BA in Ethics, University of Tokyo

2010 Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry: national energy policy planning after Tohoku earthquake, support for Japan’s electric industry

2014 Inclusion Japan (venture capital & consulting)

2018 Independent management consultant: social enterprises management, new business development, impact investing, public-private partnership, government relationship, sustainable urban planning

2019 Masters in System Design Management, Keio University

田淵 良敬たぶち よしたか

Yoshitaka Tabuchi
Co-founder, Co-CEO, Zebras and Company Inc. 
A member of the board of directors, Zebras Unite
Co-lead, Tokyo Zebras Unite
Jury president, Cartier Women’s Initiative’s East Asia region

For about 10 years, Yoshi has been engaged in impact investing both domestically and internationally. Leveraging his experience in investment execution, Yoshi provides support in formulating post-investment visions, missions, and strategies, creating frameworks and building organizations, developing leaders, and making management decisions using impact indicators. With global experience and an academic-industrial network, Yoshi excels in conceptualizing businesses, providing management support, and forming partnerships with overseas partners from a global trend perspective.

Nisshoiwai Corporation: finance and business development in aircraft finance and renewable energy finance

The Boeing Company: marketing in Asia Pacific

LGT Venture Philanthropy: impact investing in SE Asia

Social Investment Partners and Social Innovation and Investment Foundation: impact investing in Japan

Independent: strategy making, fund structuring, due diligence, management support in impact investing

BA in Commerce, Doshisha University

MBA, IESE Business School

阿座上 陽平あざかみ ようへい

Yohei Azakami
Co-founder, Co-CEO, Zebras and Company Inc.
Producer, Utopia Agriculture Inc.

Yohei is responsible for end-to-end design and implementation of businesses and brand strategies, including marketing planning, creative direction, and promotion from product/service development for startups to publicity. He excels in creating concepts for words and designs that represent companies, formulating visions and missions based on research on internal and external stakeholders as well as market/competitors, and designing brands that spark conversations in society.

B.A. in Commerce, Waseda University

Infobahn Inc, media management Inc. owned media

E-commerce, product development

BAKE Inc, product development, brand development, corporate branding (a pastry start-up company that achieved USD 100 mil in sales in 4 years from its foundation)