What is Zebra?

In 2013, venture capitalists in Silicon Valley coined the term “unicorn” to refer to privately-held startups valued at over US$1 billion.

 This term symbolizes the current state of capitalism, which prioritizes short-term gains, exclusivity, and shareholder interests. “zebras” refers to a concept proposed by four female entrepreneurs in the US who were concerned about this trend. 

Zebras Unite, the organization they formed, has grown into a significant movement with over 25 chapters and more than 20,000 members worldwide.

ZEBRAS UNITE co-founders (https://zebrasunite.coop/)

Characteristics of Zebra Companies

1: Zebra companies prioritize both social and economic goals and value mutalism within their communities.

Zebras Unite

2: Zebra companies challenge socially complex problems that require greater awareness and understanding.

3: Zebra companies do not fit into existing financial systems and are in search of new financial models that fit them.

E2C: University of Colorado Boulder

The above three points refer to what Zebras Unite believes.

We further organize the personas of the Zebra companies in this way.


The goal of zebra companies is to create a better society through business growth. Maximizing revenue and profits is not the end goal; rather, they focus on addressing societal issues as the purpose of our business.


Zebra companies require diverse assets such as time, creativity, and community to succeed, instead of relying on a narrow-minded business strategy that could lead to short-term success.


Zebra companies prioritize long-term and inclusive management strategies, working to ensure the happiness of all stakeholders over maximizing shareholder value in the short term.


The vision of zebra companiesnis shared and consistently executed, as they balance trade-offs between diverse factors and strive to achieve specific goals.

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